Here is a place to find the ethnopoetic and linguistic anthropological work of Anthony K. Webster (aka “I”). I am trained in both linguistics and anthropology. On the other hand, I am not trained in blogging or anything like that.


Anthony K. Webster on his new book, Intimate Grammars: An Ethnography of Navajo Poetry

CaMP Anthropology

CoverInterview by Juan Luis Rodriguez


Sometimes we hear Navajo poets but don’t really recognize what they are saying even when they speak English to us. This is one point your book makes really clear for the reader. Can you introduce your book to us and share some insight into why is it that people so often read or listen but not really get Navajo poetry, even when it is written in what seem to be a transparent code (English)?

Many thanks for reading the book, for engaging the book, and for the kind words about the book. I think that there are profound and debilitating expectations, in the sense that Philip Deloria uses this term in Indians in Unexpected Places, about Native peoples and, in particular, Navajos, that point readers to particular kinds of understandings, particular kinds of readings. There are, to borrow from Bakhtin, “a world of…

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